Perhaps you like making your transformations in our own space in time.  Maybe you like working in the middle of the night or your like sitting with your device on the edge of the ocean.  Now you can with Djelani's online class.  Click here to claim your transformation.

In this 8-week group, you will receive the benefits of focused transformational individual and group activities at an affordable rate. Plus, you will also get the benefits of being a witness to your fellow participants' transformations in a highly supportive environment.  These groups meet weekly using online technology.  Choose a class that starts on Saturday morning, February 4, 2017 at 8AM -PST or Monday Evening at 4PM -PST.  In this fun and interactive sessions, you will be amazed at the ways you will watch as you begin to soar. 

Participants will also receive:

  • 1-hour complementary private coaching session, a $300 value.
  • Free access to Djelani's online class on UDEMY, a $49 value.
  • One free copy of Lisa Nichols' #1 Best Seller, Unbreakable Spirit: Rising Above the Impossible, a $17.95 value. Djelani was a featured writer in the book.
  • Plus access to Djelani's video audio library updates from around the world.

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Online Classes

Start transforming your life today!  Discover and develop your unique inner brilliance unleash your secret codes of transformation that will assist you in getting unstuck!  Are you looking for the support you will need to finally realize your gifts and talents in the world?  If you answered YES, then you will definitely want to connect with Dr. Djelani! You will definitely want to download his free book and sign up for his group or individual coaching sessions or take one of his classes!  Come to the edge of your dreams and watch as you begin to fly! 

Djelani was one of the featured authors in Lisa Nichols' #1 Best Seller, Unbreakable Spirit, Rising Above the Impossible

Maybe you are the type of person who prefers more individualized attention and more intensity.  Then, you might want to try out individual sessions.  For inquiries, click below.

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